aabo Releases New Version of its aaboRing, A Medical Grade Health and Wellness Ring

aaboRing Is Designed To Inculcate Healthy Habits Powered By Continuous Monitoring Of The Wearer’s Biometrics

September, 2023. Mumbai: aabo, a MedTech startup, released an upgraded version of its health and wellness wearable, the aaboRing. This avant-garde wearable made of titanium metal, which was launched in April this year, is thin, light weight, scratch proof robust and unbreakable, ensuring unparalleled comfort 24/7. The new version of aaboRing comes with a wireless charger, enhanced accuracy, features and mobile app upgrade. User experience states aaboRing as remarkably comfortable offering significant advantages in Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, variations in Body Temperature, Blood Oxygen levels and Respiratory Health by monitoring SpO2, Mindfulness and Key Body Metric Trends. With its tranquil and smooth inner shell, this wearable provides personalised insights to your health and wellness without being obtrusive and comfortable for all day wear. It is useful for sleep apnea, Sensor for Senior Health,  Lifestyle Diseases Care.

‍aaboRing is intelligent and sleek yet strong with fall proof up to 1.5m. It is one of the lightest health and wellness ring and it’s sleek design enables exceptional comfort during sleep, workouts or performing day-to-day activities. aaboRing with CE & CDSCO certifications and medical grade health data and research grade sensors of HRV 98% accuracy and heart rate 99%, provides users personalized insights into their health.

Speaking at the launch Mr. Nirav Hemani, aabo said, “aaboRing’s mission is to assist and empower people who are looking at making a positive and healthier lifestyle shift to a better you. Aabo health Ring, with its medical grade accuracy and features, is an ideal wearable technology which provides insights, encourages and boosts your everyday health goals.”

“Convenience and versatility of aaboRing has captivated users globally, with its seamless integration into everyday life. Its features, ranging from fitness tracking, healthy living, general well-being to instant notifications, has made it a must-have accessory amongst personal health concerned & connected lifestyle people.”

It is water-resistant up to 50 meters, allowing wearer to go on with their usual life without compromising on anything. It has an impressive 7-days of uninterrupted wear with its battery life, and convenient wireless charging takes 40 to 60 minutes to charge from zero to 100%.

Commenting on the market for finger wearable technology (FWT), Mr. Nirav Hemani, aabo said, “A lot of innovation in the field of wearables is happening and it is being extended from smart watches & bands to smart rings in India. People have been very receptive towards knowing and understanding their health and wellbeing and we would like to be a leader in this space with bled of excellent quality products and intuitive mobile apps.”

aaboRing helps you understand your body’s health and predictive analytics and AI provides timely biofeedback of present state of your body, which can be due to reasons like stress, poor sleep or diet, workouts or illness and guides you to stay active. In addition to the features mentioned, aabo also offers wellness counselling, diet plan consulting for predictive and preventive health care to its users.

One remarkable use case involves a customer who detected early signs of sleep apnea through aaboRing’s advanced sleep tracking capabilities. Thanks to this early detection, they sought medical attention promptly, leading to better outcomes and improved quality of life.

aaboRing comes in four-metallic colours, Stellar Silver, Radiant Rose Gold, Glittering Gold and Deep Black and is available on Amazon and the official aabo website https://aabo.in/

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