Aim Britz Study Abroad Sets World Record with Largest Overseas Education Seminar

The Founder of Aim Britz Study Abroad, Al Ameen Mohammed Ali, has achieved a remarkable feat by organizing the largest overseas education seminar to date. A total of 1,561 students gathered at the TKM College of Engineering in Kollam, Kerala, to attend the seminar focused on overseas education opportunities. This groundbreaking event, confirmed on April 24, 2023, underscores Aim Britz’s commitment to assisting Indian students in pursuing admission to universities abroad.

Founded in 2018 and officially registered in 2020, Aim Britz Study Abroad has quickly become a distinguished name in international education. With ties to 147 universities across the UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Ireland, Aim Britz aims to address the lack of proper services in the market. The organization is dedicated to offering transparent and authentic services that enable students to make informed decisions about their future based on their interests, skills, and aptitude. Aim Britz operates with a vision to ensure that every Indian student has the opportunity to study abroad and fulfill their academic potential. The organization is committed to optimizing human potential, creating opportunities for personal growth, and fostering global understanding through quality international education and cultural experiences. Aim Britz serves as an umbrella for students who dream of studying anywhere in the world.

The Aim Britz team consists of young and vibrant individuals, many of whom have graduated from esteemed universities in the UK and Canada. Initially, the team worked both in London and India, but it has now grown to include a core team of 25 members and an additional 20 online staff. Well-qualified counselors primarily based in Kerala and Tamil Nadu provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the admission process. The head office, located in Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city, comprises 25 team members, including counselors, tele-callers, and an operations team responsible for application filing, CAS processing, visa filing, and more.

Aim Britz employs an online platform that filters quality students for universities and offers mock interview sessions to ensure their preparedness. The organization prides itself on minimizing delays at every stage of the process, with staff members well-versed in the intricacies of the admission process. Additionally, Aim Britz plans to expand its services to include MBBS seats abroad for medical students. From humble beginnings with only 15 candidates per year, Aim Britz now recruits nearly 1000 students annually. What started with just two individuals without an office has grown to a team of over 30 professionals working both in-office and online.

As a business graduate, Founder Mr. Al Ameen M Ali envisions his initiative as a catalyst for change in the education sector, supporting the aspirations of future generations. Aim Britz’s London-based staff, who are either Londoners or individuals with firsthand experience living in the city, ensure a welcoming environment for candidates. This unique approach sets Aim Britz apart from other overseas education agencies, instilling confidence and trust among students and their families. 

Aim Britz Study Abroad distinguishes itself as a leading educational agency guiding students worldwide and is always the first choice for students. With a wealth of resources and an extensive network of connections, the organization provides valuable information to facilitate seamless transitions for students entering colleges abroad. From visa applications to college admissions and adjusting to life in a new country, Aim Britz stands alongside students, offering responsive resources for quality overseas education. The comprehensive services include career counseling, pre-departure briefings, scholarship guidance, visa assistance, education loans, admission guidance, free dependent and child visa support, airport pickups, accommodation assistance, part-time job support, financial aid, work permit conversions, PR assistance, and a 24/7 UK helpline.

Aim Britz Study Abroad is widely respected by students and parents alike as they pave the way for students to achieve their dreams. Each year, the organization ensures students have access to up-to-date information and the highest quality educational services. By supporting and empowering students, Aim Britz remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional training and education services.

With the record-breaking attendance at the overseas education seminar, Aim Britz Study Abroad has solidified its position as a leader in international education guidance. By assisting Indian students in realizing their ambitions to study abroad, Aim Britz has become a trusted partner for students and parents. Through its transparent and authentic services, extensive resources, and dedicated team, Aim Britz provides invaluable support to students, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to colleges abroad. As Aim Britz continues to raise standards in the industry, it remains committed to empowering students and shaping their futures through quality overseas education.

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