Glam Up Your Diwali: Jewelry Styling Tips from Glamsutra

A wonderful way to complement the radiant vibe of  Diwali is with the brilliance of diamonds and gold. Buying jewelry during the auspicious occasion of Diwali is a beloved tradition for most women. However, considering  the soaring prices of real gold and diamonds, more and more women are now turning to artificial or imitation jewelry. Nonetheless, the options In the imitation jewelry category are no less if compared to real jewelry pieces and you can find a wide range of options to choose from.

Below are some of the curated options available for this Diwali:

1) Handmade Minakari Doli Barat Necklace Set 


This beautiful Minakari Doli Barat necklace is the perfect accessory for festive occasions. It pairs wonderfully with both cotton and silk sarees. The intricate human and elephant designs is what makes it truly unique. Once you wear it, you’re sure to have people asking you where you got it from.

2) Elegant Kundan Necklace Set with Beads

Kundan jewelry has a timeless quality, and it complements any outfit perfectly. The blue Kundan beads in this necklace gives a luxurious look to this piece. It can be paired with contemporary sarees or suits, and even with some indo-western wear.

3) Tribal Moti Pearl Studs Rajwadi Necklace Set

This Rajwadi necklace set is a perfect match for festive silk sarees. The necklace features intricate pearl work along with tribal motifs, giving it a regal appearance when worn. It comes highly recommended, especially for sarees adorned with golden work.

4) Handmade Green Choker Set

Chokers have a timeless quality, and this piece blends traditional design with a modern outlook. Crafted with utmost precision, this choker is adorned with beautiful green pearls that are  sure to enhance your look. This green choker set complements contemporary sarees and suits, making it an ideal choice for festive occasions.

 5) Temple Jewelry Devi Lakshmi Necklace Set

This gold-plated temple Devi Lakshmi necklace set complements traditional sarees and lehengas perfectly. The beautiful traditional designs on this set grant it a unique appearance. The Lakshmi motif on the pendant and Jhumkas provides an authentic traditional jewelry look.