Hamleys unveils Chandrayaan & Harry Potter themed miniature Pujo Pandals

Kolkata, 17th October 2023: Hamleys,  the world’s finest toy shop and India’s leading toy retailer is all set to redefine celebrations with its spectacular themed pandals in Kolkata and Guwahati, as the festive season of Pujo approaches. This year, they have gone above and beyond to create two enchanting experiences that can be witnessed at South City Kolkata and Guwahati City Center between 14th October to 30th October.

Igniting the imagination of young and old alike, Hamleys aims to embrace and celebrate Pujo in a way that resonates with their playful yet unique ideas. By showcasing LEGO-built Pujo themes like Chandrayaan and Harry Potter, the brand encourages young minds to have the power to infuse festivity with their creative interpretations, ushering in the true essence of Pujo spirit.

In South City Kolkata, Hamleys immerses Pujo enthusiasts in the Chandrayaan-themed miniature pandal, blending tradition and innovation to honor India’s space achievements. Amidst cosmic wonders, pujo sparks youthful imaginations, encapsulating India’s space exploration legacy and evoking a profound sense of awe. The lunar surface-themed pandal, crafted with 2800+ LEGO Bricks over 14 hours by expert Ritam Bhatnagar, showcases scientists at work and astronauts on thrilling spacewalks.

In Guwahati City Center, Hamleys transforms Pujo festivities into an enchanting haven with its Hogwarts-themed miniature pandal. This magical space, a tribute to the beloved character, is meticulously crafted with over 2500 LEGO Bricks during 17+ dedicated man-hours. Visitors can immerse themselves in the wizarding world, encountering 14 iconic characters from the Harry Potter movies in locations like his hostel room and the grand dining room.

This festive season, Hamleys invites one to experience the symphony of cultural memories through the seamless blend of tradition with innovation.

About Hamleys

Hamleys rich history began with William Hamley, a Cornishman from Bodmin, England. Mr Hamley dreamed of opening the best toy shop in the world, which was realised when he opened his first shop at Holborn, London in 1760. Some 260 years later, Hamleys as the finest toy shop in the world, is synonymous with bringing magical experiences and joy to children. Hamleys’ unique retail experience includes opportunities for children to play, engaging store design, expertise in customer service and incredible toy demonstration. Extending significantly further than the famous London toy shop, Hamleys as a global brand, is currently trading across 15 countries with 187 stores in countries such as UK, India, Japan, UAE, China and Russia among others.

In May 2019, Reliance Brands Limited [RBL] marked its first international foray by acquiring Hamleys global operations. RBL had been operating Hamleys’ India franchise stores since 2010.

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About Reliance Brands Limited

Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) is part of the Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), a US$173 billion market-cap conglomerate. RIL is India’s #1 company by profit in Fortune Global 500 rankings and 96th largest company in the World.

RBL began operations in 2007 with a mandate to launch and build international and domestic brand equity in the premium to luxury segment across fashion and lifestyle space. Its current portfolio of brand partnerships comprises Armani Exchange, Bally, Bottega Veneta, Brooks Brothers, Bullfrog, Burberry, Can erates 784 doors split into 438 mono-brand stores and 346 shop-in-shops in India.