Pastel Wardrobe

How To Build A Pastel Wardrobe

What pops up when you Google the word “pastel”? A bunch of different colors, that’s what. So what do people mean by “pastel?” Pastel is a soft color palette made up of hues that are lighter than the primary colors. The use of pastels has increased significantly in recent years, with one trend being to mix hues together to create new color schemes. This article will cover all your pastel wardrobe needs!

Understanding the color palette for pastel clothing

A pastel wardrobe is one of the simplest ways to get started with fashion. Pastels are easier on the eye and allow for more creativity in outfit ideas. A pastel wardrobe consists of primarily pink, blue, yellow, lavender, mint green, light purple, baby pink and cream colors. A pastel wardrobe requires a delicate balance of colors to be executed well. If your clothes are too light, they can appear dirty or washed out. However, if your clothes are too dark, they may not be enough contrast for you to notice the lighter colors. It’s best to go with a few lighter shades and one or two darker shades

How to create an outfit with pastels

The easiest way to create a pastel outfit is to start with one of the colors and then build off that. For example, you may start by pairing a yellow shirt with a dark green skirt. You can also use pastels as an accent on your outfit – either through jewelry or shoes – to really bring the color of your clothes out. The key to pairing pastels is balance. It’s best to mix light and dark tones, or warm and cool tones. What you don’t want is an outfit that is completely warm or cool – it will look too garish for anyone’s taste! For example, if you’re wearing a coral dress with a pink cardigan, throw on some black pumps for contrast.

Other key pieces for a pastel wardrobe

With a few key pieces, you can dress for every season and every occasion. If you’re going to be wearing a lot of black, then a lighter shoe that doesn’t draw attention is a good idea. A summer dress will look great with a hat, don’t forget your sunglasses too! If you have a lot of money, you can go to an expensive designer clothing store and find something custom made for you. If not, take a look at department stores or boutiques. You can also visit your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. The great thing about pastels is that they’re not just for springtime! They’re perfect for summer too.
Pastel Wardrobe
General tips on building a pastel wardrobe

A pastel wardrobe is a wardrobe that consists of every day clothes in every shade of pastels. It’s a great way to wear light colors without being considered too casual. The most important thing is to just have fun with it. Don’t feel like you need to be trendy every day. Mix and match different shades for different outfits, or even different days!

Why you should color coordinate your outfits

It’s a trick that the professionals use to make you look more put-together with minimal effort. I’m going to show you how it works and why it’s effective. But before we get started, it sounds like you’ll need a few basics. If you’ve ever been a tourist wearing a wandering eye-catching outfit, then you already know that there’s something to be said for color coordination. When it comes to dressing appropriately for any given occasion, you want to reflect not only your personal taste but also your level of confidence.


In conclusion, a pastel wardrobe is a great way to experiment with your style and make a refreshing change from your everyday dressing routine. You can also use it as an easy way to inject some color into your look without going too far out of your comfort zone.