Chakrasiddh – Healing Chronic Pain Holistically

Chronic pain can be incredibly debilitating, significantly diminishing one’s quality of life. It transcends physical discomfort and often infiltrates every aspect of daily existence, making even the simplest tasks a monumental challenge. It erodes mobility, independence, and mental well-being, leading to a cascade of emotional and psychological struggles. Individuals often end up isolated as a result of the ongoing weariness and the load of pain, which makes it difficult for them to interact with others and preserve connections. Further, their dependence on others can compromise their self-esteem. The relentless nature of chronic pain can induce feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and despair, making it an uphill battle that requires comprehensive and compassionate care to alleviate its profound impact.

However, there is a haven that lakhs of people have turned to and found life-long relief from their pain without surgeries or painkillers. Chakrasiddh, a holistic healing centre, specialises in addressing chronic pain without surgical procedures or medications.

Though India has been at the centre of developing holistic healing, with most of these techniques rooted in centuries-old traditions, many people aren’t aware of these techniques and often turn to Western medicine.

Chakrasiddh harnesses ancient Siddha healing methods, primarily the techniques of Nadi Vaidyam and Marma Chikitsa. Nadis are energy channels that facilitate the flow of pranic energy throughout the entire body. According to the Siddh medical system, there are 72,000 such energy pathways accessible through the skin’s surface. Marmani are potent energy points strategically located in the body, rich in nerves and blood vessels. These marmani play a crucial role in cellular communication, diagnosing specific conditions, and offering various therapeutic benefits.

The Chakrasiddh healing technique activates the marma or nadi through gentle strokes and direct pressure, long-standing patterns of tension and accumulated toxins in the body are released. This process stimulates blood and oxygen circulation while relaxing muscles. Treating disrupted marma points and unblocking nadi points ultimately restores the body to its natural state. Clients frequently report experiencing immediate relief within as little as three days, with treatment typically concluding within one to three weeks, depending on the severity of the condition.

Each patient receives a customised treatment plan tailored to their unique medical history. Countless individuals have discovered relief from their chronic ailments after years of suffering and helplessness.

Chakrasiddh’s state-of-the-art centre in Hyderabad serves as a sanctuary for its clients. They specialise in treating a wide range of chronic conditions, age-related ailments, and long-term pain resulting from accidents, including vertigo, slipped discs, sciatica, arthritis/ankylosing, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, disc problems, back injuries, dislocations, spinal cord injuries, and more.

Chakrasiddh’s founder, Smt Sathya Sindhuja, believes in the importance of living a holistic life and envisions a world where people are aware of the holistic healing methods of Siddha science to cure ailments, that not only nurture physical well-being but also prioritise mental and emotional health.