Genius Hour

Genius Hour

The term “Genius Hour” refers to a block of time that students dedicate themselves to learning something new, typically creative or technical skills. It is one way in which students can participate in the culture of learning and mastery, as well as make sense of what they are meant to do with their education.

What is Genius Hour?

Genius Hour is a school-wide program that’s offered to all students in fourth through eighth grade. What makes it unique is the importance of taking time during the school year to have fun, explore passions, and learn new skills. In one school year, students can learn about topics like entrepreneurship, graphic design, and filmmaking.

Who can participate in Genius Hour?

Genius Hour is a global online initiative to spark creativity and collaboration among students. From the website: “Genius Hour is not just an idea, it’s an opportunity for anyone and everyone to participate in this worldwide experiment.” Anyone can be a genius, but not everyone knows it yet. Genius Hour is a time for the student body to work together and showcase their talents in academic, creative, or athletic fields.

When and how does it take place?

This school-wide initiative is designed to encourage and empower students to share their expertise and knowledge with classmates, teachers, and the community. The primary objectives of the initiative include: promoting collaborative learning, creating a culture of deep understanding, increasing student ownership of shared insights, fostering civic engagement opportunities that provide an entry point for social change.

What do students get out of a Genius Hour?

To learn the basics of the digital world and how to work with it, students should get involved in a Genius Hour. This hour is an opportunity for teachers to have their hands on what’s happening in classrooms across the nation. Teachers can provide hands-on training in collaboration with Google, Microsoft, and other companies. Students are often seen as just receptacles for information. The solution to this problem is a Genius Hour, in which a teacher invites students to explore various topics and share their findings with the class. Teachers find that this approach helps students see the power of shared knowledge. They also enjoy being exposed to new ideas and different ways of thinking.
Genius Hour
How does the school structure Genius Hour?

Genius Hour is a school-wide effort to foster creativity and inspire young minds. High schools across the country have introduced this project to allow students to explore interests without feeling limited by their curriculum. It is set up as a series of projects that can last from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the interest.


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