Indian Jewellery brands to hop onto Partynite Metaverse forming a parallel Gold Souk called GoldVerse

Mumbai : Aumverse FZCO, a Dubai based Joint Venture Company between Ashoka Global DMCC (a prominent International Bullion House and leading gold trading entity) and Createrse FZCO (a Dubai based pioneer in Metaverse sectoral play), is proud to announce its collaboration with PartyNite to join the exciting world of the metaverse which will be called GoldVerse.

This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards bringing together the gold jewellery dealers of the MENA region under one roof creating a unique and immersive experience for traders and consumers alike. Leading brands of Indian origin will also mark their presence on GoldVerse. This collaboration also marks the commencement of PartyNite’s worldwide expansion, unveiling the metaverse in all its splendour, enhanced by the immersive technologies of both AR and VR.

The GoldVerse is set to revolutionize the way gold enthusiasts interact with the precious metal. It promises to offer an innovative blend of virtual reality and live commerce, enabling real-time transactions within the metaverse. Users will have the opportunity not only to view but also create a diverse range of gold jewellery designs but also to try them on and make purchases seamlessly.

These purchases will have strong logistical backing as each jewellery brand within the GoldVerse will establish its own delivery mechanism, while the backend processes will be expertly managed by Partynite. The phygital arrangement of association enables buyers from around the world to enter this parallel gold souk that the Middle East has been proudly showcasing to the world and make actual purchases that will be seamlessly delivered.

Rajat Ojha, CEO of Partynite shared, “This collaboration opens up exciting opportunities for traders and consumers, offering them a one-stop destination to explore thousands of brands and designs. It is a great phygital experience as the seamless try-on feature and buying options, coupled with real-time market information, will revolutionize the way people  interact with gold in the metaverse. 

Karthick Chirra, CEO of Aumverse FZCO and Createrse  FZCO said, “This is the only arrangement that can breach geographical barriers in a wholesome way”. He also mentioned that multiple payment options and wallets specific to  each geographical region are already integrated into the platform to enable a holistic user experience.

Monal Thakkar, the Managing Director of Ashoka Global DMCC said, “The GoldVerse is slated to go live in the first quarter of 2024, with the onboarding of jewellers already underway. Ashoka Global DMCC envisages GoldVerse as a significant window to the world of phygital jewellery e-commerce experience with Digi Gold and Fashion Jewellery”.

The platform will provide information and market trends, allowing users to make informed decisions. Aumverse FZCO and Partynite’s partnership in the world of metaverse represents a significant leap forward in the digital evolution of the jewellery industry.  

Ojha added, “The experience will seamlessly integrate with Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta devices, showcasing PartyNite’s ongoing commitment to future-proofing our offerings. In its final phase, GoldVerse will incorporate generative AI as an extension of Gamitronics’ Brahamand IP.