Landmark Victory for Swadesh Mill Workers: Bombay High Court Orders Rs 240 Crore Payout, Recognizes Mangesh Kudalkar’s Crucial Role


In a victory, for the workers at Swadesh Mill, the Bombay High Court has issued an order for a payout of Rs 240 crore within three weeks. This decision comes after a 22 year battle for justice making it a historic moment in the fight for labor rights. The ruling not provides needed financial relief but also serves as a testament to the resilience, unity and unwavering commitment to justice.

Leading this triumph is Mangesh Kudalkar, an MLA from Shiv Sena known for his dedication and compassion. Kudalkar has tirelessly advocated for the cause of Swadesh Mill workers. Has become a beacon of hope in their struggle.Over the years Kudalkar has displayed unwavering support and determination in overcoming challenges faced by the workers. These obstacles have ranged from issues related to worker fatigue and fraudulent building practices to concerns within Tatanagar.

This victory is a milestone that will be remembered in labor rights history thanks, to the work and perseverance of everyone involved.What makes Kudalkars contribution more remarkable is the fact that he selflessly dedicates himself to the cause refusing any form of appreciation until the workers receive the funds they have long been waiting for and rightfully deserve.

The Swadesh Mill workers, in their relentless pursuit of justice, have not only secured their own financial well-being but have also set a precedent for laborers everywhere. Their story serves as a reminder that justice can be achieved through persistence, unity, and the unwavering support of dedicated individuals like Mangesh Kudalkar.