Solving Retail Inefficiencies Head-On: Sekel Tech’s 3D Approach for Seamless Marketing

Pune, October 23, 2023: Sekel Tech, a leading enabler in the hyperlocal digital marketing arena, has introduced its latest innovation: products that offer a 3D-powered Hyperlocal Marketing Solution. With the power of the three Ds – Data Platform, Discovery Platform, and Demand Generation – Sekel Tech is poised to revolutionise the landscape of hyperlocal digital marketing, allowing businesses to unlock greater customer reach, lead generation, and increased sales.

As the pioneering force in digital marketing, Sekel has addressed some of the most pressing challenges businesses face with its innovative product offerings. With the launch of Sekel’s Discovery Platform, the age-old issue of struggling to acquire effective, high-quality leads through digital advertising has finally found a solution. This dynamic discovery product ensures that leads are not only generated at scale but also of exceptional quality, significantly improving conversion rates and fostering sustainable, organic growth.

As a problem-solver, Sekel’s Data Platform tackles the growing concern of agent responsiveness and the subsequent decline in customer engagement. Agents often view lead management as fruitless, leading to poor-quality responses and subpar customer interaction. The Data Platform provides all stakeholders with a real-time, comprehensive view of business leads and conversions, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and enhance the overall lead-to-conversion process.

Sekel’s Demand Generation Platform caters to the sales team’s lack of motivation to pursue leads due to poor responses from sales channels. The platform encourages dealers to generate high-quality leads that readily convert into sales and optimises sales and stock turnover by targeting individuals genuinely interested in their products and services. With Sekel’s forward-thinking solutions, businesses can overcome these challenges and experience more efficient, effective, and profitable operations, thus solving the problem.

A standout feature is Sekel Tech’s inbuilt SellrApp, armed with the power of real-time data updates. These updates trigger responses, ensuring sales teams and dealers are perfectly synchronised with reality, enhancing the quality of engagement at the last mile and fostering transparency and trust. The SellrApp provides quality reporting from the field, frees up the sales team from mundane manual reporting, and thus ensures contextual conversational tracking for reporting automation for better business outcomes and real-time data for better decision-making.

Commenting on the innovations, Rakesh Raghuvanshi, Founder and CEO Sekel Tech, said, “Sekel Tech is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. With the launch of this 3D-powered Hyperlocal Marketing Solutions, we have once again demonstrated our understanding and dedication to helping businesses succeed in the dynamic and competitive world of digital marketing. This innovative platform marks a significant leap forward in the hyperlocal digital marketing landscape, offering a unique blend of data-driven insights, discovery, and demand generation.”

By leveraging the 3Ds, businesses can create a seamless, end-to-end marketing strategy that captures high-quality leads and converts them into loyal customers. Sekel Tech’s Hyperlocal Marketing Solution is the key to enhancing marketing strategy efficiency, enabling businesses to reach more customers and drive sales like never before. 

For more information about Sekel Tech’s Hyperlocal Marketing Solution and how it can transform your business, please visit or reach out to [email protected]