The Impact of Technology on Globalization

Technology has been a great asset to globalization, but it also has some downsides. One such downside is its role in increasing inequality. That poses some serious questions about the way that technology affects society. In this article we will discuss the impact of it on globalization and how it might lead to increased inequality in the near future.

What is Globalization?

Globalization is a trend of international trade, communication, movement of people, and influence that reaches every continent on Earth. It is the process in which countries become more and more integrated with one another due to economic, social, political and cultural exchange.

Benefits of Globalization to Populations

Technology is an amazing, powerful thing that has the ability to impact all aspects of life. The benefits of technology can be seen in how it has the ability to improve global governance, communication and trade. With globalization, people are able to benefit from new opportunities offered by technology. Globalization is one of the latest and most important changes to take place in our world. It has already had impact on many aspects of our lives, including economics, education, health care and technology. The benefits of globalization are not lost on everyone; however, the negative impacts of globalization are often hard to see. Thus, understanding the different ways that this change is impacting populations all over the world is crucial for businesses looking to make their unique mark on the global market.

Major Changes in the past 50 years

We’ve seen changes in globalization around the world since the end of World War II. These changes are so drastic that they have helped shape our world today. One major change has been the globalization of technology. Specifically, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become some of the most important pieces to globalization today. These technologies have helped increase globalized and digital trade, manufacturing, and travel. They also have helped fuel many of the issues that confront us today such as climate change and violence in other countries.

The Future of Globalization

Globalization has always been a major part of the world, but technology has played an increasing role in its progression. The recent development of technology has allowed globalization to continue at an even faster pace. With the development of highly advanced technology, it is easier than ever for people around the world to communicate with each other and share ideas.


The impact of technology on globalization has been uncertain and changing. Technology is constantly evolving and becoming more prevalent in our society, which leads to ethical questions about the direction that it will take us.