Unleashing New Horizons in Critical Care: A Resounding Success for Raymedi International’s very own Foundation Course in Critical Care 2023

Raymedi International proudly concludes the Foundation Course in  Critical Care workshop, an integral part of the 38th ISA Annual South Zone Conference and the 37th Annual State Conference of Karnataka. This remarkable event unfolded as a triumphant symphony of knowledge, collaboration, and medical excellence in the presence of Dr. Ranganathaiah Scientific chair- of Raymedi International, Dr.Raghunath Aladakatti -Program Director of Raymedi International, and Dr. Usha Devi. R- Organising Chairman, Dr. Manjula B P Co-Chairman,  Dr. H G Manjunath  Organizing Secretary,  Dr. V.Y Srinivas  HOD- Department of Anaesthesiology -MMCRI,  Dr.Akkamahadevi, Dr.Shashikala TK from the workshop committee.

Distinguished medical professionals across the country converged to explore the frontiers of critical care. The workshop’s meticulously crafted curriculum empowered participants with advanced techniques, cutting-edge insights, and hands-on experience, paving the path for superior patient care.

Participants delved into immersive sessions, dissecting intricate case studies, and engaging in dynamic discussions. The invaluable interactions among peers and experts fostered a vibrant atmosphere of learning and networking, enriching everyone’s professional journey.

As the curtains fall on this transformative event, Raymedi  International extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants, faculty members, and partners who contributed to its resounding success. The Foundation Course in Critical Care workshop stands as a beacon of progress, steering healthcare into a brighter, more adept future.

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