Ways to Organize Your Closet

The benefits of having an organized closet include the ability to find what you need easily and quickly, as well as saving time and money. However, if you’re anything like me, your closet probably looks more like a disorganized disaster than a “safe haven.” Here are simple ways to get started organizing your closet.

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

Is your closet messy and disorganized? If so, you’ve probably been ignoring it for a while and don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming and feel like an impossible task – but with some small changes, you’ll be able to finally tackle the mess. What’s your goal? The first step is to ask yourself what your goals are for the space. Do you need it to be as big as possible or just organized? Is this space just for you or will other people be using it too? What items do you want to store there?

Layering clothes for hanging

One of the easiest ways to organize your closet is by wearing a specific color or type of clothing for each day. You can hang shirts together, skirts together, pants together, and so on. When deciding how to organize your clothes, you’ll need to decide if you want to hang everything, have everything in drawers or go somewhere in between. Your type of clothes will also help you decide on the best way to hang them. If you wear a lot of skirts and dresses with belts, for example, it might be easier to put them in a drawer with just the belt hanging out. For pants that are held up by belt loops or jeans that require sitting down when putting them on, short-sleeve shirts with front pocket openings, or blouses with buttons down the front, you’ll want to create an organized system for hanging them.
Hanging up your clothes

– Use a clothes hanger with a hook to hang clothes on the outside of your closet.
– Use a shoe rack to organize your shoes
– Store dresser drawers with clothes on one side and underwear and socks on the other side.
– Keep your most worn clothes in the front of your closet. Put less often used clothes further back.
– Have a designated area for out of season clothing, such as sweaters in winter or swimsuits in summer.

Dressing table

A dressing table is a station that is usually placed in front of large mirror, where you can sit or stand to put on your clothes. It is convenient if it has shelves and drawers for storing clothes and accessories. If it includes mirrors, there are typically two sizes: A smaller one on top of the larger one for makeup application.

Keep purses and bags at the entrance of the closet so you can easily find them

If you’re like most people, your closet is a dumping ground for everything from hats to shoes. It’s not uncommon to have an entire shelf or two devoted to purses and handbags. Keeping all of these items at the entrance to your closet will help you easily find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Sort closet contents by category

Closets work best when we use them to store things in categories, such as shoes in one corner and pants in another.
If we want to make the most of our space, we also need to think about what goes on the floor and what goes on the shelves. For example, if we’re storing clothing that doesn’t need ironing, it should go on the shelf; if we’re storing sweaters or other items that require special care, they should go on the floor.

Keep a laundry hamper inside your closet

This will help you to always know when the laundry needs to be done and it will keep your clothes and linens fresh and clean.


This is a guide to help you reorganize your closet. There are 5 steps in this guide. The first step is to clean out the closet by donating clothes that have been worn for a certain amount of time. The second step is to organize your wardrobe from top to bottom, from outerwear to underwear. This will allow you to find all the pieces you need quickly and easily. The third step is sorting shoes into 4 piles: dressy, casual, athletic and flip-flops. The fourth step is organizing your jewelry into groups: bracelets, necklaces, rings and watches. Finally, take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask if everything looks good together or if there are any outfits that don’t really fit right or